Best Electric Guitars Under $300

If you are a beginner guitarist then you are more than likely on a budget that will restrict what sort of electric guitar you can buy. Or so you think. There are actually a lot of incredibly good electric guitars out there at the moment under 300 dollars. This may sound unbelievable, but if you look in the right places for the right sort of guitar then it is possible. Let’s take a look at some electric guitars under 300 dollars.

Danelectro Dano Pro Electric Guitar

This solid body electric guitar is one that should definitely be kept in mind for the beginner. At only $249 it is highly affordable. Although this guitar may not look as aesthetically pleasing as, let’s say, a Les Paul, it does still have its advantages. Owners of this guitar have all commented on the really nice raspy sound that is produced, and the high quality pickups. This is one of the more retro types of solid bodies out there at the moment, but very affordable, and a very nice guitar.

Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar

The trusty old Stratocaster; a guitar that every guitarist must own. The price range of the Fender Standard Stratocaster will vary greatly, because there are a lot of different custom models out there, but you will definitely not struggle to get one for under 300 dollars. The sound produced by this guitar is very nice, and although it is a basic guitar, it is very nice to play, and perfect for live performances or just playing at home. You can buy the basic Fender Stratocaster for $210.

Jay Turser Cutlass F Electric Guitar

A lesser known brand, but a fantastic guitar none the less. For $298 this guitar is just inside the 300 dollar range, but it is definitely worth the money. The low output pickups produce a really nice, high quality tone, and the guitar is actually really nice to play. The guitar is loosely based on the Les Paul in terms of appearance, and it is definitely well worth the money that you will have to pay for one of these.

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Electric Guitar

The Telecaster is an incredibly popular type of solid body electric guitar and for good reason. The vintage model not only looks retro, but also produces a fantastic tone and overall sound. At $299 it squeaks in under the $300 price point. One big advantage that comes with the Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster is the wide range of sounds that the guitar is able to produce. This is definitely a good thing for the beginner who hasn’t chosen a set style and is still experimenting with different tones and sounds. You can buy it here.


Why no model name? You may ask. Well, there are a lot of Ibanez’s available in this price range. If you are looking for a reliable solid body electric guitar that has a brilliant reputation for sound and tone quality then an Ibanez is definitely something to keep in mind.