ESP LTD EC-10 Review

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My Review of the ESP LTD EC-10 Electric Guitar

This guitar, the ESP LTD EC 10, was definitely a guitar that I enjoyed testing. There are so many good things about this guitar that it is actually really difficult to highlight any bad points. First, the features. It has a bolt on maple neck, a rosewood finger board and a basswood body. With 24 frets and chrome hardware, it is hard not to absolutely love this guitar especially when you consider the fact that this one clocks in at $149. You’re getting an awful lot of guitar for that price. The sound is fantastic, and I found that it works especially well with metal styles, although it is definitely versatile enough to accommodate for any other style that you may wish to play.

The only thing that I would probably change about this guitar is the pickups. They are not troublesome, but when it comes to pinch harmonics they can actually be a bit of a nuisance. It is definitely not a major issue because changing the pickups is easy enough, and the pinch harmonics do not actually sound that bad, but it could be improved. With that said, this is a relatively advanced technique that is not really used except by more experienced guitarists. I also really liked the appearance of this guitar at it is very eye catching and, it will definitely get you noticed if you are going to playing in front of others. It also comes in a range of different colors which is nice. The one that I was testing was the 2-tone sunburst and I loved it! I’m a big fan of sunburst and this one was definitely quite sexy.

One other thing that you do have to be choosy about is the amp that you are going to be using. If you are not using a quality amp then you are not going to get the full experience with this guitar. I tested it on several different amps and the higher end amps definitely worked better and gave a lot less feedback. If you want a guitar that is incredibly good value for money while still being reliable and versatile then this is one that you should definitely be thinking about. It is one that will definitely not disappoint.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a good axe for metal under $200, you can buy this for $149 and you definitely won’t be disappointed. This is a very solid guitar for the price and a good choice.

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ESP LTD EC-100 QM Review

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Guitar Center: Buy for $249
Amazon: Buy for $249

My Review Of The ESP LTD EC-100 QM Electric Guitar

You’ll have to come up with a pet name for the ESP LTD EC-100 QM, because if there is one thing that is not sexy about this guitar, it is the name. ESP is a lesser known guitar manufacturer that most people have never heard of. The first thing I noticed is the sexy styling. It definitely has Les Paul looks but with a modified look that makes it stand on its own. The basswood body, maple neck, and rosewood fret board are all incredibly high quality, especially when you consider the fact that this guitar is only $249.

One of the many things that stood out to me about this guitar is the fact that it is very versatile. I play many different styles of music, and, so far, this guitar has been acceptable to excellent in all of them. This is not something that you will often find from guitars in this price range, so I was very pleased with that. Another thing that surprised me was that there is almost no feedback with the stock pickups. In addition to the lack of feedback, these pickups also give a nice amount of sustain, though this is also thanks to the good construction of the guitar itself. When I first picked it up (pun intended) I assumed that there was going to be the potential for feedback as ESP is a smaller brand and this guitar is at a relatively low price point, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Another thing that I like about this guitar is the unique take on the classic Les-Paul design. Another thing that I liked about this guitar is the fact that it holds a tune pretty well, which is a huge benefit to newer players who find getting the guitar properly tuned a pain.

The Verdict

This isn’t the greatest guitar in the $300 and under category, but it is definitely a very very solid guitar that does many things well with almost no drawbacks. Between its sexy styling, quality workmanship, and a nice rich sound, this is a guitar you would be happy to own.

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