Ibanez IJX25 Jumpstart Package Review

Buy The Ibanez IJX25 Jumpstart Package

Guitar Center: Buy for $229

My Review Of The Ibanez IJX25 Jumpstart Package

Ibanez IJX25 Jumpstart Package is a very good choice for someone who is looking to get started playing the guitar the right way. The first thing that appealed to me about this package is that the entire package is $229, which is less than you would be paying for almost any electric guitar by itself. You get the Ibanez electric guitar which boasts a basswood body, and a rosewood neck with pearl dot inlays. Additionally, you get everything else that you need to get started including an amp, gig bag, shoulder strap, tuner, and more.

I will say that I was slightly disappointed with the overall sound quality of the guitar, as it is not as nice as some of the other guitars that are in this range like the Les Paul Special II, but it isn’t bad by any means. I have found that it is difficult to get a clean sound from the guitar, but there are many music genres for which this is a benefit and not a hindrance including metal, and hard rock. If you are not a beginner then you are probably not going to be very impressed with this package, or rather the guitar itself, but for a beginner, this package has a lot to offer.

The Verdict

Despite having a few faults, I would still recommend the Ibanez IJX25 Jumpstart Package as a decent option for beginners. The guitar is not good enough to impress people who have been playing regularly for more than a year — and those who only need the guitar — but it is definitely good enough for someone new to the instrument. The extras that come with this package are pretty good too and definitely help to push this package from “overlook it” to “consider it.” It isn’t perfect, but getting a full package for $229 is not a bad deal.

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Ibanez AF75 Review

Buy The Ibanez Artcore AF75 Hollowbody

Guitar Center: Buy for $399

My Review Of The Ibanez Artcore AF75 Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Ibanez is one of the most well known guitar manufacturers and most guitarists will own at least one at some point in their lives, not only because of the notoriety of the brand, but also because of the guitars are extremely well made. If you are thinking about buying a hollow body electric guitar but you’re not sure you want to dump $1000 on one, you may want to think about taking a look at the Ibanez Artcore AF75 Hollowbody Electric Guitar. One of the first things that you notice about this guitar is its beautiful sound. This guitar has a really full and rich sound that you can only get from a good hollow body, and if you have ever played a good hollow body electric guitar, you will know how good it can sound. The resonance is awesome and it produces a full rich sound that you would expect from a guitar twice the price. Obviously, one of the perks with a hollow-body electric is the ability to play the guitar without it being plugged into an amp, and it sounds great. One of the problems that I have found with many guitars — but particularly hollow body electrics — is the fact that they need to be retuned quite often. I noticed that I could give this a lot of action without the need to tune it, so it holds its tune quite nicely.

Another thing you notice about this guitar is the feel. Because the body is hollow, you often feel like you’re holding something that is extremely fragile and delicate, but I did not find that to be the case with the Artcore AF75. It feels quite sturdy for a hollow body which is great because I was not worried about damaging it, so I could really let myself get drawn into the music. Like all hollow body guitars, this one will definitely give you some feedback at higher volumes but that is par for the course, and it isn’t out of the range of what I would expect. I LOVE the look of this guitar and it feels great but the fretboard is a little flat, which I found rather annoying. I was playing one that’s the brown sunburst and it really does look gorgeous. In addition to the brown sunburst, you can also get it in transparent orange and a red/black sunburst. The pickups are pretty generic but well rounded, so this guitar can play most genres though I would not recommend it for heavy shredding.

The Verdict

All in all, this is a solid hollow body electric guitar and for 399 dollars, there is a lot to love. This guitar looks and sounds great, and it definitely a pleasure to play with very few drawbacks. This is definitely one of the best hollow body electric guitars in this price range, and it is definitely one that I would recommend.

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Best Electric Guitars Under $300

If you are a beginner guitarist then you are more than likely on a budget that will restrict what sort of electric guitar you can buy. Or so you think. There are actually a lot of incredibly good electric guitars out there at the moment under 300 dollars. This may sound unbelievable, but if you look in the right places for the right sort of guitar then it is possible. Let’s take a look at some electric guitars under 300 dollars.

Danelectro Dano Pro Electric Guitar

This solid body electric guitar is one that should definitely be kept in mind for the beginner. At only $249 it is highly affordable. Although this guitar may not look as aesthetically pleasing as, let’s say, a Les Paul, it does still have its advantages. Owners of this guitar have all commented on the really nice raspy sound that is produced, and the high quality pickups. This is one of the more retro types of solid bodies out there at the moment, but very affordable, and a very nice guitar.

Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar

The trusty old Stratocaster; a guitar that every guitarist must own. The price range of the Fender Standard Stratocaster will vary greatly, because there are a lot of different custom models out there, but you will definitely not struggle to get one for under 300 dollars. The sound produced by this guitar is very nice, and although it is a basic guitar, it is very nice to play, and perfect for live performances or just playing at home. You can buy the basic Fender Stratocaster for $210.

Jay Turser Cutlass F Electric Guitar

A lesser known brand, but a fantastic guitar none the less. For $298 this guitar is just inside the 300 dollar range, but it is definitely worth the money. The low output pickups produce a really nice, high quality tone, and the guitar is actually really nice to play. The guitar is loosely based on the Les Paul in terms of appearance, and it is definitely well worth the money that you will have to pay for one of these.

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Electric Guitar

The Telecaster is an incredibly popular type of solid body electric guitar and for good reason. The vintage model not only looks retro, but also produces a fantastic tone and overall sound. At $299 it squeaks in under the $300 price point. One big advantage that comes with the Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster is the wide range of sounds that the guitar is able to produce. This is definitely a good thing for the beginner who hasn’t chosen a set style and is still experimenting with different tones and sounds. You can buy it here.


Why no model name? You may ask. Well, there are a lot of Ibanez’s available in this price range. If you are looking for a reliable solid body electric guitar that has a brilliant reputation for sound and tone quality then an Ibanez is definitely something to keep in mind.

Ibanez ARX320 Review

Buy the Ibanex ARX320

Guitar Center: Buy for $449

My Review Of The Ibanez ARX320 Electric Guitar

Ibanez is known for making excellent guitars in the mid level price range and has numerous guitars between $200 and $500 and one option the offer is the Ibanez ARX320. This price range is really the sweet spot for finding a good guitar for the beginner. Below $200 and it can be hard to find something with the workmanship and sound quality to really last, and above $500, you really aren’t going to be able to notice the difference until you are an experienced player. The first thing you notice is the feel of the guitar in your hands. Its got a nice feel to it and the body is made from mahogany, which is the go-to standard for most higher-quality guitars. The body is a 2 piece construction, which is great as many of the lower end guitars are using a pancake type construction which weakens the richness of the sound. It also has a quilted maple top which helps with the sustain (how long the note will hold) in addition to looking great. The Gibraltar bridge also helps with the sustain so you won’t be lacking in that department with this guitar. The fretboard is well sized, is very comfortable to play on, and makes using more advanced techniques a breeze. One thing I have found with some guitars is that the fret spacers will hang over the edge and can interfere with sliding up and down, but this is smooth as silk. The Ibanez ARX320 utilizes Ibanez’s ACH1 and ACH2 humbuckers, which are great all-around pickups that work well for a number of styles including rock, jazz, and blues.

The Verdict

I really have trouble coming up with reasons not to buy this guitar. You can for $449, and it is definitely worth the price and plays much better than you would expect for a guitar in this price range. When comparing this to a number of other guitars in the price range, it really comes down to personal preference and you cannot go wrong with this any way you shred it.

Best Electric Guitars Under $500

The guitar is probably the most widely played instrument in the world. Every day more and more people want to learn how to play. However, with this in mind, how do you know what sort of guitar to get to start with? Obviously, you are not going to want to get the most expensive Fender or Gibson. Instead, you should aim for something a little cheaper. In order to facilitate this effort, I’m going to give a brief rundown of some of the best guitars under 500 dollars.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Electric Guitar

What best guitars under 500 dollars list would be complete without the Epiphone Les Paul? The answer is none. Perhaps I’m a little biased — I play an Epiphone Les Paul regularly — but I think the Epiphone Les Paul is one of the best guitars under 1000 dollars and this version is under 500. It has the traditional Les Paul styling that is famous around the world, a sleek and high quality mahogany construction, slim neck with a rosewood fretboard, and Alnico Classic humbucker pickups. This is the guitar that I recommend the most to new guitar enthusiasts. You can check out my full review of the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus or buy it here.

Ibanez ARX320

Ibanez is one name that comes to mind when most people think about good guitars. However, a lot of people mistakenly think that these are not affordable for the beginner. This is not true, as you can get an Ibanez ARX320 for about $450. This guitar not only has a unique and classic look, but the sound produced is fantastic too. The majority of Ibanez ARX320 owners have been highly impressed with the workmanship that has gone into this model. There are a huge range of tones that can be achieved with this guitar, which is a definite plus point. In terms of money, this guitar is affordable and an incredibly good value for money. Check out my full Ibanez ARX320 review or buy it here.

Dean Evo Special

For the beginner, this guitar is definitely one to be considered. It is not a well-known guitar, but the Dean Evo Special electric guitar not only offers great value for money, but also brilliant workmanship. The thing that appeals to many people where this guitar is concerned is the fact that it not only looks like a Gibson, but it also has the same rich notes of one as well. In addition, the styling is very reminiscent of the Les Paul and for $420, you really can’t go wrong here. You can read my full review or buy it here.

Epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar

The Epiphone is highly popular, largely due to the many famous guitarists that have played them in the past. The great thing about this particular model is that it is only a highly affordable $299. For a beginner, this would be the perfect guitar. The rosewood fret board is incredibly easy on the hands and eyes, as is the solid mahogany base. This is one guitar under 500 dollars that a lot of guitarists are raving about, and it is definitely one that should be considered if you really do want to get into playing the guitar.

So, there you have it, four incredibly good guitars for under 500 dollars. Of course, there are so many more. You can get many different Stratocasters for under 500 dollars if you look in the right places. Happy playing!