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My Review Of The Jackson JS32 King V Electric Guitar

Many newer guitar players may not know of Jackson — it is not as well-known a guitar manufacturer as Fender, Epiphone, or Gibson — but it is a top quality guitar manufacturer that makes excellent guitars in numerous price ranges. One of their entry-level models is the JS32 King V. This guitar comes in at two different price points depending on whether or not you opt for the Floyd Rose tremolo bar. Without it, the guitar costs $349 and with it the King V will set you back $399. This isn’t at the lower end for entry level guitars, but it isn’t too expensive considering what you get. I really am quite impressed that you can get a guitar with a Floyd Rose for $399. The Floyd Rose is a special tremolo bar that does not make your guitar lose its tune. All other whammy bars quickly put the guitar out of tune, and this is one of the reasons that guitarists who don’t play a guitar with a Floyd Rose but do use vibrato will almost always have 3, 4, 5, or more guitars sitting on stage so that they can put one down when it goes out of tune and pick up a tuned one. The fact that you can find a Floyd Rose on a $400 guitar is, quite simply, awesome.

In addition to the Floyd Rose, the basic construction of this guitar is very nice. It has a solid alder body with a bolt-on maple neck that features a 24 fret fingerboard. The one that I tested was the inferno red — it also comes in black and grey — and the finish was top notch. Another great feature about the Jackson JS32 is the fact that it has a compound radius fretboard. The compound radius fretboard is a feature that is unique to Jackson guitars. The fretboard is rounded near the nut, which makes it extremely easy and comfortable to play chords, and then, as you climb the neck, the fretboard gets flatter, which makes it extremely easy to do string bends among other things. This is a truly brilliant design feature and one that will be helpful to beginners and experienced guitarists alike.

With many entry level guitars, you often find that the stock pickups are not as good as they could be. However, the stock pickups on the Jackson JS32 King V are definitely much better than most in the price range. They can do double duty, something you don’t often find with stock pickups, in that they are high output, which gives serious overdrive and sustain, but they can be rolled back for a nice clean sound. Really the only downside that I can find with this guitar is that it is difficult to tune. This is almost exclusively due to the fact that it has the Floyd Rose, — and if you purchase the model without the Floyd Rose it’s no problem – which means that it has a specific and different method for restringing and tuning. For beginners who aren’t intimately familiar with how to tune a guitar, this can be problematic.

The Verdict

This guitar has an aggressive look that will appeal to a certain group of people, and it is one of the least expensive guitars that features a Floyd Rose. It is well built, produces a great sound, and has features that are great for beginners and experienced players a like. If you need a Floyd Rose under $400, this is the guitar for you. If you don’t, the normal version is very good, but there are other guitars that I like more.

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