Epiphone Les Paul 100 Review

Epiphone Les Paul 100 Review

The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is one of the middle children of the Les Paul family of guitars from Epiphone. The LP 100 is one step above the special II, and it is a rather significant step up from $169 to $299, but the improvements over the less expensive version are extensive. This model has the more standard body design, which is more rounded and less flat. My Epiphone Les Paul 100 review starts with the body which is made from Mahogany, as is the bolt-on neck, which also features a rosewood fingerboard. The construction of the guitar is definitely top notch, and the chrome hardware looks great. The sunburst, as always, is super gorgeous and the smooth lines just make it even sexier. As with the other Epiphone Les Paul guitars, this one also features the plastic volume and tone knobs, which I am not ecstatic with, but they aren’t bad either.

The dual humbucker pickups on this guitar are phenomenal for the price of this guitar. We are talking serious SERIOUS versatility with this little honey. You really have complete control over how this thing sounds, and it sounds great running the range from folk to heavy metal. You’re really not going to find a better sounding and more versatile guitar under $300. The neck and fingerboard feel really good in the hand, and I had absolutely no complaints with being able to keep my fingers dancing along the frets. There’s no buzz or feedback, and it keeps its tune quite well. The overall weight of the guitar is extremely light, so it isn’t too heavy for younger/smaller players, and it is something that you can be comfortable holding while standing for an extended period of time.

Epiphone Les Paul 100 Verdict

This is a great beginner electric guitar for just about anyone because of the incredible versatility that it provides. The construction is excellent, the pickups are excellent, and it looks absolutely beautiful. This is definitely one of the best options for an electric guitar under $300.

Buy The Epiphone Les Paul 100

Guitar Center: Buy for $299 Lefty for $314
Amazon: Buy for $249 Lefty for $264

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